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Digisalix and Pagero to partner up

Digisalix and Pagero partner up to bring automation in business document exchange to a whole new level

We are excited to announce our co-operation and offer both Pagero’s and Digisalix’s customers new and more effective solutions for developing automation in financial administration.

Pagero offers innovative, easy-to-use digital solutions for purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. By using Pagero Network, Digisalix’s customers can easily send and receive electronic orders, invoices and other business documents and automate their business processes.

Digisalix, on the other hand, offers Pagero’s customers an intelligent document processing solution, which allows people to focus on more important tasks than entering data from invoices, purchase orders and similar form-like documents. Digisalix specializes in small-data machine learning that can adapt easily to customer’s specific needs.

“I am very pleased to announce our partnership with Digisalix. Their expertise in document workflow automation together with Pagero’s global network helps our customers raise the level of digitization exponentially,” says Minna Myllyluoma, Pagero Oy’s Partner Manager.

“We are excited to work with Pagero, a pioneer in shepherding business communications to a truly digital future. The Pagero network brings together all business partners and communication between financial systems in electronic, well-defined standard form. These standards simplify growing the network to the benefit of all participants. Together, we can simplify and accelerate our customers’ transition to digital operations and more efficient financial management,” concludes Kalle Raita, the founder of Digisalix Oy.

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