We turn your ideas into math and software
We turn your ideas into math and software

Smart up your product

Mathematics, AI, and agile software development skills are paramount for creating smarter algorithms and tech for modern-day markets. That’s where we excel.

Turn your R&D department’s wildest dreams into working software! We work out the algorithms, build software prototypes, and complete the first production versions. 

Then we pass the reins over to your engineers with a clean handover and neat documentation.

we solve complicated
software development challenges
in fields such as:

Autonomous machines

To operate autonomously, machines need to plan their tasks and movements while adapting to their environment. Various goals, like safety, efficiency, and best practices, must be included in planning.

Digisalix develops mathematical models and efficient solvers for them. We do it all from algorithms to software development. 

Autonomous vehicles require highly sophisticated algorithms and software development

System optimisation

The speed of finding new solutions and the ability to simulate different scenarios in modern fast-paced markets is crucial – For example:

  • pricing
  • inventory management and
  • scheduling are obvious areas.


The vast landscape of possibilities for optimising ranges from trading to autonomous machinery – both of which we have experience and fond memories with. 

Data capture and analysis

Collecting and analysing data requires skills to process large amounts of data, to visualize the results, and deep statistics background to avoid wrong conclusions.

Not a chore for humans

Data collection should not be a chore for humans – for example, we implemented a mobile app for capturing document data in a warehouse environment to assist people with repetitive data entry tasks.

The recipe

1. Ingredients

Bring the idea and domain expertise, and we'll ask the necessary questions to produce models and code.

2. Iterative collaboration

Weekly meetings for current results, feedback and spending control.

3. Deliverables

All code and plans will be fully your property. 1st functioning prototype in 2–4 months.

4. Clean hand over

We implement continuous testing throughout the project, define integration APIs and provide documentation.

Team Digisalix

We combine cutting-edge research with the proven ability to develop high-quality software in various environments ranging from embedded C to modern web UIs and javascript.

With AI and machine learning, we streamline processes and make computers feel more like usable tools than a burden. We’ve been praised for being efficient, independent, and pleasant to work with. Combining mathematics, algorithms, and software development is our forte.

Kalle Raita, founder of Digisalix

Kalle Raita

Software generalist

20+ years in the software business. Former CEO of drawElements, acquired by Google. M.Sc. in software engineering, minor in mathematics 


Tommi Pesu, Co-founder of Digisalix

Tommi Pesu

Algorithms & optimisation

Ph.D. Imperial College London,
5+ years of dreaming up algorithms
for real problems


Tomi Peltola, Co-founder of Digisalix


AI & Machine learning

Ph.D. Computational Science, Aalto University.
15+ years of experience in machine learning and probabilistic modelling


Janne Lehtinen, Graphic Design and copywriting, Digisalix

Janne Lehtinen


15+ years of clear and functional 
design and communications



Summer of 2024

Interested in Maths and algoRithm acrobatiCs?

Are you into Python, Git,  Machine Learning or perhaps C++ and web development? Do you have a desire to explore and innovate, bringing fresh perspectives to problem-solving? Join us to make a real-world impact by automating processes in the physical realm…

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