We turn your ideas into math and software
We turn your ideas into math and software



We expect you to be familiar with Python and Git. Maybe you’ve also gotten your feet wet working with a team of coders? Some experience with numerical computing libraries, like NumPy and PyTorch, is definitely appreciated. You could’ve also dabbled with web development, experimented with optimizing C++ code or even written your first 10k line project. We see there are multiple combinations for you to be the piece that neatly fits into our team puzzle.

As an intern at Digisalix you’ll get a chance to see all aspects of our operations and to work along with an experienced team. Digisalix is still young and small, but our founders have seen multiple exits in their careers. We help our customers to crack hard problems in areas like autonomous heavy machinery operation (no, not mechas), intelligent document processing, and planning tasks for robots. Anything that can be solved with a good dose of mathematics, applied algorithmic acrobatics, and machine learning as applicable. You can find out more about Digisalix at our website or LinkedIn page.

Exact tasks will be based on your interests, capabilities and the projects on the table. Nonetheless, you’ll get to make a real-world impact by writing software that automates processes in the physical realm.

We hope you have a desire to innovate and explore the limits of algorithmic possibilities together with us. We expect you to be fluent at least in English and in Python. Finnish is not a requirement. We work mostly remote, but you should have a chance to be in the Helsinki-area for live mentoring during the first couple of weeks, and weekly after that for some important face-to-face time.

The internship takes place during the summer of 2024 and can lead to a career with us. We expect the starting salary to be in the range of 2330–3000€, but ultimately it depends on your skill level.

Get in touch with Kalle, by sending him your CV or Linkedin-profile, with an informal application. Describe yourself and your aspirations. Let us know about you, your hopes and dreams, pet bunnies and whatnot. Also – and especially – everything about programming and problem-solving. What have you coded? What were the languages, how did it go, and what did you learn? Write your heart out, this is what we really want to know.

We hope to hear from you by the end of February 11th.