Digisalix is looking for a software developer to join our team and the mission to teach computers to read better.

Familiarity with machine learning, working with scanned documents, and such, will be helpful. However, we appreciate the ability to learn quickly more than having knowledge of everything upfront.

We offer you a place in a team pushing a new tech product to market with startup perks: a chance for ownership, an environment where you’ll be heard and unanticipated adventures. The founder team has seen multiple exits, spent roughly 30 years in companies of various sizes, and has over 10 years of academic research experience.

Technologies we use:

  • Python
  • Numpy, Pandas, SciKit learn, PyTorch … for machine learning and other
  • Optical character recognition
  • FastAPI for server development
  • React for GUI development

Valuable knowledge you could add to the team:

  • Databases, web-backends
  • Cloud deployments
  • Front-end development with React
  • Experience with business software in areas like accounting, logistics, …

We can teach you a trick or two in:

  • Practical software engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Running a startup

We’d expect the person to be able to commute to the Helsinki area regularly. We are currently working in a remote setting and meet regularly when and where convenient. Our goal is to get a new full time member into the team. We are open to you starting part-time if you are close to completing your studies, for example.

If you have any questions, please write to and we’ll sort it out.

Apply by 24.10.2021 by sending a CV and a cover letter at Don’t be shy with your hobby projects!