We turn your ideas into math and software
We turn your ideas into math and software

Liberate your people
from robot work from the slow data entry from mindless typing through document automation

We automate the mind numbing data entry work by teaching computers to read better.

Many business processes “can’t be automated” because computers read like 5-year olds. They recognise the letters and words, but can’t handle the unstructured data. Therefore data entry is still a large chunk of daily work for millions of people.

We are changing that. Our intelligent document automation software can handle the often ambiguous real-world data, so that people can focus on more productive tasks. 

Intelligent Document Automation in a nutshell:
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We found our summer trainee

We found our summer trainee

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An app for a truly modern hospital warehouse – where every second counts

An app for a truly modern hospital warehouse – where every second counts

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Training AI Is Not Your Job

Training AI Is Not Your Job

An AI has come over to take your job, but it first kindly requests your assistance in training it. Beg your pardon? How about you send Adam the AI to the college first?

Get digital with our intelligent document automation

All aboard the digitalisation express! New tasks are ripe to be intelligently automated – like diligent encoding of information into vast databases.


Digisalix’s software does the heavy lifting of repetitive typing and data conversion. Your staff only need to handle validation and quality control. Imagine; office chores like filing expenses or entering accounts payable data can almost be enjoyable, when a digital co-worker fills in the basic details for you.

Like the pictured pile of Abacus is superseded by calculators, intelligent document automation eradicates manual data entry.
Robot taking care of a plant. Structured data extraction is a delicate job.

Focus on the important tasks and adapt your business to the digitally transformed, fast paced world with intelligent document automation. Deployment of our system is simple and requires little of your time. Also, scaling is fast and easy, so no more recruiting seasonal humans to play robots.

Simplify life

Remove repetitive robotic work and focus on the value-adding things.


Faster processes, easy scalability and better work life quality.


Automate your document tasks and lead the way. We’ll help you.

Take the shortcut to digital

Getting two computer systems to communicate is complicated. They need information structure defined in meticulous detail. Therefore, humans tend to act as interpreters between these systems. That’s human speed, how about the digitalisation?

One way is to standardise the technical formats and create computer-to-computer protocols. This requires input and mutual understanding from all the parties to make necessary changes to the systems. It can be very time consuming, frustrating and needs regular tweaking to keep the systems in sync.

Digisalix solution automates flows by integrating our reading software with tools such as RPA. Our system is taught to understand the structure of the information by connecting words and numbers through rules and inference to form consistent and structured data, such as XML or JSON.

This means humans can stand back and advise where needed. It also means more time for tasks where people truly excel.

Trained and tailored to your processes

Often the standard solutions don’t quite fit the need. With our low data approach it’s easy to adapt to specific requirements like order IDs or categorisation. 

We do all the teaching.

Four simple steps:

1. Introduction

Invite us over and show us your documents, processes and systems.

2. Trial server

We set up a trial server based on 50–200 document examples.

3. Set up the flow

Send documents to Digisalix system and feed the cleanly structured results to your ERP.

4. Spend less time

No more copying data around. We maintain and improve the reading solution for you.

We understand your documents

By enabling computer readability, up to 4 times more data becomes available for automation.

Business processes

Many business processes execute neatly in software, once the data – like invoices, receipts, and forms – are in the system. Since these documents often have a clear structure, they are ripe for more automation through intelligent document processing.

Here’s a video of our Scandex-Application scanning packaging lists in a hospital warehouse. It makes work faster and shifts focus on important things instead of searching for and typing in data. 

People in factory, unblocking the automation dream.

Efficiency and scalability in manufacturing

Agility and turnaround times could always be a bit better. Orders, product information, offer requests – there are heaps of documents waiting to be fed in for processing. Elementary input and processing of an order takes several minutes for a human: 10 000 documents adds up to 100 days of work.

So, what kind of information are you typing in regularly? Is there a document blocking your automation dream? Let our computers handle it.

Documents in the wild

Many documents are out there in the real world. Driving logs, freight bills and customs clearances for example. Plenty of machines and vehicles carry physical maintenance records, spare part listings, and schematics. Unlike service crews, with more immediate problems to handle, our computers happily type it in.

We can help field operatives to focus on the actually important tasks, like helping the customers.

Automated document processing in the field

This is Digisalix

Digisalix was founded to reduce the burden of manually converting physical documents to digital ones. We combine cutting-edge research with the proven ability to develop high quality software.
We believe that work should be meaningful and motivating – for everyone.
Kalle Raita, founder of Digisalix

Kalle Raita


20+ years of experience in software startups and corporations. Former CEO of drawElements, acquired by Google.


Tommi Pesu, Co-founder of Digisalix

Tommi Pesu


PhD Imperial College London,
5+ years of experience in
solving challenging algorithmic problems.


Tomi Peltola, Co-founder of Digisalix



PhD Computational Science, Aalto University. 15+ years of experience in machine learning and probabilistic modelling.


Janne Lehtinen, Graphic Design and copywriting, Digisalix

Janne Lehtinen


Janne thrives in making design and communication clear and functional.